Monday, May 28, 2012

The benefis of water

One of the most common advice when it comes to health is to drink 8 glasses of water a day. It sounds trite but it is too true. Not just for weight loss but for many more benefits to your body. Find out some.

Weight loss: Water suppresses the appetite and increases metabolism. Drink a glass of water before eating helps you feel fuller and eat fewer calories.
It benefits the kidneys: Water dilutes the salts and minerals that the body will form stones in the urine.

It benefits the brain: If you are having a day diffuse, and the brain does not seem working correctly, take a glass of water.
It is beneficial for the heart: The water reduces the risk of heart disease. According to a study by the Adventist Health Study, women who drink five or more glasses of water a day can reduce the chances of heart disease by 41% compared with women who drank only two glasses of water daily. Similarly, healthy men can reduce their risk of heart disease by 54 percent if you drink five or more glasses of water a day.

Skin Benefits: A well hydrated skin looks more radiant and younger. Water helps to hydrate and increase elasticity. It also acts as a detoxifier and blood purifier resulting in a clean and clear face, and less acne.
Beneficial for the stomach: the fiber and water go hand in hand with good digestion. Heartburn, gastritis and ulcers can also be prevented by drinking water.

It helps with cramps: Proper hydration helps keep joints lubricated and muscles. Water is one of the main elements associated with muscle cramps. So, drink water before, during and after exercise can help prevent them.

It gives you energy: The most common cause of daytime fatigue is mild dehydration. Water helps the blood to carry oxygen, and this level increases when the body is well hydrated. This leads to higher energy levels.

Regulates body temperature: Water helps regulate your body temperature, especially during exercise, when you start to sweat. It is necessary that you stay hydrated during exercise for good performance. Keep a water bottle on your desk and drink regularly.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Healthy tips

Five Quick tips for feeling healthy

1 - Home Juice: There is no better way to Super Charge your diet with vitamins and minerals that the vegetable juice. It can help to lower your blood pressure. 

2 - Sleep well at night: you cannot go long without enough sleep. Most people need at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

3 - Try a fast: Fasting may seem counter intuitive when you're tired and need energy. However, there are many useful benefits for fasting for 24 hours. Intermittent fasting can energize your body.

4 - Play back: It's so easy to work on at your desk and let the days go by without spending enough time outside. For good health we all need to feel the sun hitting your face regularly. 

5 - Aerobic exercise easy: When you are over worked and have not been getting enough sleep, not the time to push too hard in the gym. Hard workouts are stressful to the body and should only be done when you have been putting in time to recover properly from them. 

If you are a fit person, suddenly feels unhealthy or someone who has not been taking care of himself for quite some time, these 5 tips can really help. Only one of these five quick tips are healthy as juice or intermittent fasting could have stopped feeling tired and unhealthy.

Let me know if you feel healthy and if so, I hope these tips can help.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Which tablet is best? Tips for choosing a tablet PC

Thinking about renovating your technical equipment? A tablet may be what you're missing to go super fashionable and updated study or work. However, there are so many brands on the market, what is better? Here you say it.

A compelling gadget
It is undeniable that the tablets are the queens of preferences among the lovers of technology products. And although I include myself in the field of geeks , I have not one If I have to choose, I'll stick with my trusty Dell laptop and my iPod touch.
However, I know several friends who did not resist his charms and every time we go for a coffee or a pizza, do not hesitate to unsheathe their portfolios their brand new equipment as soon as we sat at the table.
This unprecedented popularity due to its practicality, its shape and size, among other features that make it very useful, almost perfect personal agenda that we all are seeking.
Also, for us, these details are suitable, as they adapt perfectly to our style of life, are ideal to pack and bag, and its design does not change our style, but rather the opposite.

So if you're thinking about buying one and not know which to choose, read this note because I will tell you all closer to choosing a tablet, and the best on the market.

Facebook goes public with a price of 38 dollars a share

Facebook opened stock market hoping to raise 18,400 million dollars and reach a market value of 104,000 million dollars.

Finally Facebook has priced its shares at $ 38 , which will make the social network to reach a market capitalization of 104,000 million (82.004 million euros) and become one of the 25 largest U.S. public companies . Mark Zuckerberg hold a stake valued at 19,000 million dollars, which will become one of the richest men in the world at 28 years.

Demand for shares has exceeded analysts' expectations despite growing criticism he has received Facebook on their mobile strategy and advertising business, which has suffered this week the loss of General Motors as an advertiser social network.

At first they said the price of the shares of Facebook would be between 28 and $ 35, increasing to between 34 and 38 dollars a share this week. The final price of $ 38 action, the company plans to raise 16,000 million dollars , making the IPO the third largest U.S. IPO, behind Visa in 2009 and General Motors in 2010.

If the Underwriters decided to sell 63.5 million additional shares, Facebook could raise 18,400 million dollars, surpassing the VISA IPO.

In addition to Zuckerberg, the main beneficiaries will be the venture capitalists, who purchased shares at a fraction of what is now going to cost.

Monday, May 14, 2012

iPhone 5 - Finally on October

It will always wait to welcome the new technology of Apple iPhone 5, a project that would have worked Steve Jobs the founder of all series of the Apple tablet. Apple will launch the new iPhone on 5 October 2012, as was the case with the iPhone 4S, and its already starting rumors about this phone: "We believe the launch of the iPhone 5 is likely to follow the new scheme launched in October, established with the iPhone 4S. We expect that it includes not only a revolutionary body, but it supports and uses the 28 nm chip LTE Qualcomm, "said one analyst. Geek All the world are eagerly looking forward IPhone five new technology for future and the last works of Steve Jobs.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The end of the world is booming.

December 21, 2012.This would be the date of the end of the world, according to some clarifications of the complex and now famous Mayan calendar Tzolk'in. But in the meantime, business continaues! And when some fear the Apocalypse, others do not forget to take advantage. And they did not wait for 2012 for this. 

In 1970, the American evangelist Hal Lindsey published the book The Late Great Planet Earth (the late great planet earth) where it strongly suggested that 1988 would be the last of the history, citing the possibility of a Soviet nuclear attack as a possible cause of the end of the world. The success was the appointment, if not in sales prediction: over 15 million copies sold, according to Christian publisher Zondervan, which still sells at a price of 12.99 dollars. With this book, Hal Lindsey knew that he had invented a literary genre? He was in any case the inspiration of Edgar Whisenant, a former NASA engineer converted into theology. It sold 4.5 million copies of a book called 88 Reasons Why the Rapture Will Be in 1988 (88 reasons why the removal will take place in 1988). And the failure to achieve on-mentioned predictions did not prevent not continue the work of imitators, including a radio host on behalf unlikely Harold Camping. It stands there a real serial forecaster under calculations as learned as biblical, successively predicted the end of the world in September 1994, March 1995, May 2011 and October 2011, failing to provide her hospitalization last June following a stroke . But he does not forget that charity begins at home even. His nonprofit organization, Family Radio, which owns over 140 radio stations in the U.S. (and claims that its CEO is actually the Lord Jesus Christ!) Has attracted some 80 million dollars in donations between 2005 and 2009! But the charity business, this curiosity typically American, is not the only one interested in the apocalyptic theories. 

Hollywood took over the subject with some success.Released in 2009, the 2012 film directed by Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, Godzilla) played the modern alchemists, transforming the Mayan prophecy gold! For an estimated budget of 200 million, the movie has generated more than $ 766 million in revenue, which earned him a place among the 40 biggest hits in film history. A priori, the prospect of the end the world should have a rather negative impact on property prices, the dead who generally need less square meters than the living. But to Bugarach, village of barely 200 souls located in the Aude , the mayor, interviewed by Le Figaro in June 2011, simultaneously counted fifteen houses for sale, with prices doubled or tripled compared to the usual. The explanation? The place would be spared by the end of the world to come. It is true that the region is conducive to mysticism: the peak overlooking the village for many years a place of pilgrimage for UFO enthusiasts and Rennes-le-Chateau, where the Abbé Saunière discovered the treasure of the Templars, n is just a few miles. It is therefore possible to survive the end of the world. 

Many other blogs on the web relay the message to the end of the world, sometimes using the gift, when they If ever the world survived the fateful date of December 21, 2012, everyone there will not be lost.