Monday, September 24, 2012

Secure your vehicle first!

Paris! A dream for many. But, then what about Parking? Having fun and enjoying your dream becomes a nightmare when you become insecure about your vehicle parking issues. Most Car parks are always full with lots of people attracting the country. Nothing is more important to plan your parking and therefore reserving a parking slot prior to avoid such terrific and inconvenience moments. With Internet around you everything is at your finger tips. The best deal to make your mind up on is by booking your parking space with a parking service company on the internet that provides you a secure parking slot by saving your money for many attractions in Paris you need to see. You’re more than sure to protect your vehicle as most parking service companies have their own guards and surveillance Camera’s to keep their promise to customers. You could also benefit from other value added services like car wash and car services during your park. These Tailor Made services will not empty your pocket and will keep your heart beats at ease.

Useful Link: Paris Parking

Samsung attacks the iPhone 5 in a commercial

It seems that conflicts between Apple  and Samsung  will take to finish, because now their problems are not only trying to court, claims and collections billionaires, but went further, attacking in the field of advertising. This time the blow gave South Korea to launch a commercial for your product Samsung Galaxy SIII criticizing buyers the Cupertino company, within the ad showing the new smartphone from the company on the block does not compete against New Galaxy, same as was released before the iPhone 5.

The commercial, which is called "The next big thing is already here" , is very clear as it displays images of youth in long rows for the expected launch of a new product (which for obvious reasons we believe it is the iPhone 5). While fans are lining the block mark speak excited about the news that will bring the new phone to have waited for a long time, until they start sidetracked due to see some people making use of the new smartphone from Samsung  , diverting the attention of fans of  Apple  's new phone to Samsung  .

Now we just wait to see the response that will result in people, and this advertising as a relevant impact on sales of the iPhone 5 has already started selling in several countries.

Becoming a mystery shopper

 Becoming a mystery shopper is a great way to earn extra cash, if you’re smart, ambitious and has time to spare then you need to see if you can get involved in this interesting job.
To earn a reputation as a successful mystery shopper you need to gain experience in the field, make sure to register with authentic mystery shopping companies.
Sometimes mystery shopping requires you to spend cash and it will be reimbursed later on, you should be able to spare cash when required.
Just like in any other job your performance matter. You need to take the job seriously and make sure you complete the reports on time. This will impact your payment.
As a mystery shopper you’re responsible for your taxes, your payments will be included as self employment.
You need to have an eye for detail and be able get down all the necessary information quickly to succeed. 

Useful Link:  Mystery Shopper

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Positive Thinking and Problem Solving Act

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by the accumulation of negative things that happen to us. Everything goes wrong at once. For some strange reason sometimes life is like that. Most of the time we can only keep thinking negative things that are going to backfire causing more problems.
What most people do is to believe things that are transient and resolve to be alone, it's just a matter of waiting. This is a serious mistake and that doing nothing is not the best solution.

It is a law fairly obvious but not everyone is when things get ugly. Below is an example of how it might work this law:
Who has not done that is stuck in traffic for a long time, even hours wasting valuable time. Most people only complained, he will blame the authorities, traffic or bad luck for choosing that route.
But if we apply the law of the variety, rather than focusing on the problem we will focus on finding the positive part of the problem.
Let's start thinking like being stuck in traffic is converted into an opportunity . The first thing we could do is to think that another route could take in the future. You also have to think of ways to take advantage of this apparent time lost. If you like audiobooks, might be a good idea while listening to one traffic flows.
What if you hear one on how to increase your productivity or one on how to improve your relationships? There are many good free downloadable audio books online.
You can use this time to give a quick overview of the tasks remaining to be done and have to start planning as will complete. Think about other issues and focus on how to fix them. The point is to look for positive things from adversity.
This article is a good complement to my other article: Focus on the solution and not the problem to deal with problems from other perspectives that may not even know.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Tips to bring the best makeup in the office

How beautiful and professional me?

This makes the most of the time our routine before leaving the house is so tight, that we have no time for make-up and ready to get settled and regal at the office. But I probably do not know how. If this is your case, do not worry!, Here I give you a few tips for you to apply makeup the right way to work .
One thing that is super important is to remember that you're going to work, not to a party! So avoid strong tones and ornate makeup . That alone will make you look like a person misplaced and distasteful. If you like bright colors, you have the weekend to use them.

Fix your makeup : should last you all day. Uses a consistent basis with the color of your skin, concealer for dark circles and pressed powder to seal.

Cheeks : if we stay with the base only our face may look pale and sad. Add color with a blush and not overdo it, remember that we want to look natural .

Eyes : Apply shadows in neutral colors, rosewood or coffee, which combine with full color of clothing. Put the darkest color along the lashes and clearer under the eyebrow. Avoid cool colors like green and blue. Outlines the top of your eyelid and clear!, Do not forget the mascara to highlight your eyes.

Lips : Ideally, use a neutral color as a base and apply a gloss on top to give it a special glow. The deep red definitely not!

Your nails : depending on what type of job you have is the color that you're gonna get. If you have contact with people all day, then logically you must have your fingernails painted and decorated (well earned). I advise a tone classic nude or pink. Also the simple designs of flowers and clear coats are ideal.
The retouching : in the office are all day, it is logical that our makeup may be disappearing. To keep it, you can apply again pressed powders, a little blush and a new Pasadena of gloss after your snack.

I leave you with a tutorial that can also help you make your makeup stepper office . It takes practice, certainly, as the days go by, it will make it much easier.
You can always keep in your wallet or in your office your vanity basic touch up during the day. Do not forget that you yourself are your cover letter and your office makeup should be elegant, understated and natural to represent in the best way your professionalism.

iPhone 5: What has changed?

Since announcing the iPhone 5, rumors exploded worldwide. A holographic keyboard, a giant screen and it would be fine were just some of the proposals of some Apple-addicts. Of course it is difficult after allowing fans to unleash their imagination. What is the iPhone 5 with respect to previous models?

The pixels of the iPhone 5 exceed the previous model, with 1136 × 640 pixels versus 960 × 640 of the iPhone 4S . The new model also features 4G, a new updated version of Siri, a camera that is 25% smaller than the previous, more powerful than the previous iPhone. The model, which follows the line of the previous iPhones, is a bit lighter and thinner than the previous.

With regard to capacity, the two models have a 16GB, 32GB and 64GB . Although not present the many predicted futuristic technology, improvements in the characteristics are evident. All that remains is whether have managed to convince their fans.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Advantages of 3D printing

3D printing is now reaching the ever changing era of the dynamic world. 3D printing is now considered to be the industrial norm for printing by many people from the background of architecture, engineering, healthcare, entertainment, retail and many more to think of. There are several advantages in using the 3D printing.
Lower costs: models would cost way lesser than the normal price you would pay.    

  • Quantities made are more specific and hence we can see greater details.
  • 3D printers are usually user friendly and this helps to save time and effort on training and on having specialized knowledge.
  • Compact designs on 3D waves off other costs such as prototyping and tooling cost.
  • 3D printers have the capacity to recognize design errors prior to submissions and therefore this in turn trim downs journey to production amenities.
  • Models are faster to make with 3D printers. It just sometimes takes a couple of hours.
Useful Link : 3d Printing

Monday, September 3, 2012

Flower decorative with paper and cardboard

We can make this flower with paper and cardboard to decorate a birthday party or wedding or to decorate our reading corner or room in which we do our crafts. The materials are few and recyclable. What better to do craft taking care of our planet!
The materials you need are:
  • ·         Cardboard
  • ·         Thin paper color, can be used to make origami
  • ·         Glue stick
  • ·         Scissors
  • ·         Compass
This work does not require much explanation, it is simple and easy to do. It is a craft you can make with the help of our small or let them prepare their own flowers to accompany ours.
As a first step we have to mark the base of our flower carton. To do this you need help with compass. Short and you can start working.
Regarding the paper should be cut into squares, measures again depend on the size of flower that we will do, but a good average size is 10 x 10 inches.
Before stick it on the cardboard base, we build small tubes as those seen in the photo and glue around the edges so it will not disarm. Is that the amount you use glue to stick it in the paper is not curled when replacing it.
When you already have the armed paper tubes, it only remains to put glue on one end and begin to glue on the cardboard base in a circular.
Flower slowly begins to take shape and you will be as pretty as this.

How to use cutlery

The correct use of cutlery denotes largely good education of the person. And as a rule covered all taken by the handle on top, fingers that are used to make cutlery are: index, thumb and middle.
The complete cutlery set for each person must have steak knives or the main course of fish, and a special dessert for butter, soup spoons, dessert, tea, holders of meat, fish and dessert
• The knife is placed to the right of the plate, with the blade facing inward.
• The spoon is placed to the right of the knife with the concavity upwards.
• The fork is placed to the left of the plate, with the points upward.
• The cutlery is placed 3 to 4 cm. away on either side of the plate.
• The dessert cutlery are placed on top of the plate, and sometimes just put in the time to serve dessert
• If we add at the table bread and butter, we place a knife crossed on the plate, so you can use smearing butter on bread.
• It is important not to overfill the food covered, so as not to overflow.
• The holder was used with the right hand, when used with food knife need not.
If it falls to the ground covered should not be cleaned with a napkin or tablecloth, you have to do is pick you or the service personnel, and should replace it clean.
Do not use cutleries to use a common container, all common containers usually have their own covered service.